Howrse Cheat Unlimited Passes and Equus

Howrse Cheat Unlimited Passes and Equu

Howrse Cheat Unlimited Passes and Equus


Equus can be spent on a huge variety of items, from food to tack and saddles for your horse. This currency is also what you will use to buy new horses, or to use other players horses for breeding with your own. Breeding your own horses is one of the best ways to increase your own stable. After a while playing you are also allowed to open your own equestrian center and start receiving an income from it.

If you are not able to log in you can also earn Equus by giving yourself a job. There is a job market board where you can apply for work, on the days that you play the game, and look after your horses you will not work. On the days that you don’t you will earn a fixed amount of Equus. These jobs last a particular amount of time, and once it runs out you will need to find a new one.

All of the special items in the game, and some of the necessary training and feeding jobs can be completed by using what are known as ‘passes’ You receive many of the items for free when you complete quests, and when you use them up you will need to repurchase them for passes. Passes are only available for real money, you can purchase them through the game directly.

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